John Charles Clark portrait by Cynthia Davis


Having spent her working years in business, Cynthia came to St Ives 20 years ago to become a serious artist. Being self taught, she found an instinctive and intuitive way of using colour. Although her work covers many subjects and ways of depicting those subjects, there will always be this one constant strand – colour.

Cynthia feels greatly indebted to the advice and guidance of John Charles Clark of the St Ives School of Painting who made the following comments about her work in 2003. 


"Having studied the disciplines of portraiture, landscape and figure painting and drawing earlier in her training, Cynthia Davis has travelled on a long journey toward finding a personal style that fulfils all her needs within her works, through which she needs to speak. Endowed with the natural gifts of drawing, composition and use of colour, her search has been to find a language that will allow her to use her abilities for channeling images direct from her psyche onto canvas and paper without too much dependence on her 'given skills', while also avoiding a too literal representation of her subject. Her images contain mythic archetypal symbols of power, both human and animal, from the records of time. During 2002 she started to construct her compositions by using thick outer lines to her forms; this allows Cynthia to lock the whole pictorial plane together. The way she holds her brush gives her a direct contact with the canvas; this creates a link straight from her unconscious - it could be said that she literally squeezes the images onto the canvas's surface with her brush. She manages a wide range of colours on her palette, which give her paintings a stained glass or tapestry quality of richness; all instinctively balanced with what appears little effort, almost in a mediumistic manner. She now trusts the painting process itself to tell her when the image is developed enough to stop working it, leaving its reading open for those who view it later allowing them to make their own associations and connections: in this way each can complete its meaning for themselves - thus she collectivises her 'vision' gift. Her journey is far from over, but all her long years of perseverance are culminating in works of individuality and maturity that are bound to bring her an audience response. "


John Charles Clark

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